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WhiteHorse of the Cherokee nation

Front cover of Nod Whispers
The statues of our first life time together are in the Terra Cotta Army

ISBN 978-0-9560301-0-8
Ebook 978-09560301-3-9
Front cover of Alexander the Great
The mausoleum of Bucephalus, Alexander the Great's famous warhorse is in Pakistan

ISBN 978-0-9560301-1-5
Ebook 978-09560301-4-6
Front cover of Hero Whispers
Written by Joan of Arc and Alexander the Great's Horseman

Published 2014

Hero Penielheugh monument Penielheugh monument

Hero, the first and only horse to be asked to go to a book festival, the Boswell Festival at Auchinleck in 2013, and now two years later about to go off to the Waterloo commemoration at Penielheugh.

Tilly having been rescued is now healing children with disabilities/traumas.

Photos of the Penielheugh Monument courtesy of Curtis Welsh http://curtiswelshphotography.co.uk.

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