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Communication from The Council of All Beings regarding the Cattle Disease Crisis

We are grateful for this opportunity to discuss the crisis. Let us go back to the beginning. When cows and sheep agreed to become domesticated by human beings, they did so as a gift to humanity. Before domestication, cows and sheep viewed themselves as "prey" and mankind as "predators." When men hunted the ancestors of the modern sheep and cow, Man honoured and respected the gift that each individual animal gave. Man began the hunt with a ritual to communicate his honourable intentions to the animals. Man recognised that the spirit of the animal would have to agree to give up his body to the hunter. It was up to the hunter to "prove" his worthiness, since the gift meant death for the animal. The way to prove worthiness was to give gratitude and to express a deep understanding of the exchange that might take place. The honourable hunter, out of deep respect for the gift, would commit to killing swiftly and to using every part of the animal. The spirits of the animals would receive all of this information through the ritual communication. Then, one animal or more would agree to give themselves so that the human tribe would eat. After the kill, the humans would again thank the spirits of the animals and follow through with their agreement to use every part of the animal's body so that none of the gift would be wasted.

When the ancestors of cows and sheep (chickens, ducks, pigs and goats too) agreed on a conscious, spiritual level to become domesticated, it was because humans agreed on the same conscious, spiritual level, to care for and protect them as well as to continue to honour the great gifts of milk, meat, skin and bone the animals provided. Today there are still small groups of humans and some individuals who continue in this honourable relationship. (The Masai in Kenya, the Amish in America are shining examples). When the "livestock" in their care are respected and cared for as well as humanely killed, the animals remain strong, and healthy in mind, body and spirit. When they give their gifts of milk and body, they do so willingly with the awareness that they are giving life so that others may live. Their milk and meat carry the energy of this sacred exchange and provide nourishment to the body and spirit of the person who eats or drinks. This is an honourable and life-affirming exchange.

However, many years ago, groups of human beings began to disregard the original agreement. They began to take the animals for granted. They began to distance themselves from the knowledge that we all share bodies and spirits, that we are all expressions of the Divine - none greater, none lesser. Humans began to use each other and began to believe that all animals and plants were available for use as well. We call this the first "Great Turning." It was a time when humans turned away from Love, from Light and from God. Sadly this condition of separation continues to this day.

After thousands of years of disrespect and objectification (cattle farmers now call themselves "cattle growers") the spirits of the animals have weakened. The life force in each and every cow in feedlots and factory farms is dim. Thanks to drugs, hormones, over-processed feed with inappropriate ingredients, they have become physically distorted. Their spiritual evolution has been stunted. Such is the power of human forgetfulness.

Humans, this crisis is a call to awake you. You are destroying diseased and non-diseased animals out of fear and greed. You are afraid of losing profits. You are not afraid for the animals. You are not afraid for the pain you continue to inflict. You have created this situation. There is nothing "natural" about it. Stop for a moment and think with your hearts as well as with your brains. Look to rekindling the ancient agreement, before it is too late. Learn from your brothers and sisters who remember. Treat domestic "livestock" as conscious, living beings whose lives give you life. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Treat animals with respect. If you cannot provide them with respect and properly care for their health and well being you will lose them. They have suffered enough abuse because you've forgotten who you truly are.

There is a "Great Turning" taking place again. This one is a "RE-Turning" to remembering that all beings are connected. As each individual human being chooses to step back into the sacred relationships, the Earth and all life turn to health and wholeness. Start with your own lives. Commit to loving yourself and knowing that the Creator loves you. Demonstrate this love whenever you get the chance (Pay it forward, backward, RIGHT NOW. Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty…). Pay attention to what you buy and what you eat. You ARE what you eat. The energy of abused cows is carried in their meat and milk. You ingest the energy of sickness, pain, terror, stress, and unhappiness, every time you eat. It weakens you and damages your spirit. Commit to honour all animals and vegetables that give their lives for you. Provide healthy, living nourishment, exercise, fresh air, sunshine and clean shelter for them. Stop using all deadly chemicals, hormones and drugs. Stop trying to engineer foods. You are poisoning everything as long as you do and use these. At this stage of your development you cannot "improve" on Nature. It is perfect and life sustaining. Your methods are death. Plain and simple. When you remember how to be partners again with all beings, Nature and God will rejoice! Now, right now, make a decision to choose Life - for yourself, for your children, for the animals and for the Earth. There are beings - seen and unseen who are ready to help you. This is a great moment. Remember Love and act on it. Always.

Received and copyrighted by Kate Solisti-Mattelon, Animal Communicator, April 18, 2001


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