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Hand Therapy. The greatest exponent of this method is Linda Tellington-Jones. She has written many books on this topic, which you will find extremely helpful and you will be able to carry out this work yourself, after I have visited your horse. If you are a long way from me, so that it is uneconomic for me to get to you, there are Tellington-Jones' practitioners in the UK, and I should be able to find one, relatively close to you.

Flower Essence and Homeopathic Medicines. As I am sure that you are aware, vets are the only people who can legally give out prescriptions, but I am able to give advice for either Bach Flowers or Homeopathy.

Energy Fields. Here you are carrying out a very similar process to the hand therapy, but every being, be they two or four legged, has an energy field, the exact shape of the physical body, but at a distance away from the body, and this field can of course have become disturbed, disorientated or damaged and has to be mended by hand exercises.

Obviously, the hand therapy and the energy field work have to be done with the patient.


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