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When Nick Evans wrote the Horse Whisperer it became an international best seller. Hollywood turned the book into a hugely successful film starring Robert Redford. The film and the book opened people’s eyes to the magical link between man and horse. Peter Neilson, a down to earth farmer who trained as a mechanical engineer, is Scotland’s best known and most respected horse whisperer. He is an ordinary man to whom extraordinary things have happened. Now he has put these experiences into a book ‘Nod Whispers’.

Peter Neilson was a Joint Master of the Duke of Buccleuch’s Hunt for more than fifteen years but when he bought a horse called Nod his life was to change completely. In spite of all Peter’s skills, Nod could not be stopped from bolting at full speed whilst out riding or hunting. His behaviour was alarming and terrifying. Peter engaged with his very soul and determined to solve this precious horse’s problems. Peter contacted one of the world’s top animal communicators, Kate Solisti from Boulder, Colorado and Morag MacDonald-Worsley, who lives in Scotland.

Together they learned to ‘talk’ to Nod and so began a strange, almost mystical journey for man and horse. It was a journey that took them back through time and through several different past life experiences. Peter Neilson and Nod found they had been together in ancient China and Rome as well as part of the British Army in the Peninsular wars. Through this journey Peter Neilson discovered why and how Nod was traumatised and how to eventually heal him. Very much like the Black Beauty story. Nothing in Peter Neilson’s well ordered life could have prepared him for such a journey. Even now he accepts it is difficult for those who have known him for many years to understand all that is in this book. Yet at the heart of this experience is the deep love man and horse have for each other and is one of the most remarkable stories you will ever read.

Today Peter Neilson still works with horses in Roxburghshire in the Scottish Borders. He is so down to earth and only wants people to read his story so they can discover, for themselves, the link between man and horse and hopefully, experience their own healing journey together.

Nod Whispers has been reprinted. 2nd edition obtainable for £9.99 + P&P from

Peter Neilson
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or any book shop quoting ISBN 978-0-9560301-0-8

The original Nod Whispers can be ordered through Amazon quoting ISBN 1-4184-8054-1

Alexander the Great's Horseman's Spiritual Journey

I really enjoyed this book. It is well written and contains some lovely descriptions, which paint family life vividly. There is also folklore and mythology and some wonderful stories.
Krystina Kellingley. Axis-Mundi and Our Street Books.

When people read this book about Peter Neilson’s account of his life and times, with horses, nature and other animals, they will become all the richer for the experience. Peter takes the reader on a guided tour, recounting the individual and unique characteristics, contributions and adventures of an impressive number of ponies and horses who have influenced his life from boyhood through to senior years. Peter was born into a lifestyle of a ‘country gentleman’ style family, far removed from things spiritually innovative. However, this was to prove wonderfully fortuitous (in the scheme of things) as he grew up in a world of horses. The best teachers of all. They would provide him with a remarkable foundation for his personal education and subsequent sensitivity to the existence of the wonders of working with ‘energy’. Peter beautifully illustrates his passion for local history, community interaction and appreciation of the spirit of the horse. Savouring many years of access to the countryside, he tells us of how its’ contours and opportunities played a vital role in developing his body, mind and spirit connections with horses. Many of us are aware of how times are changing. Peter Neilson inspires and reminds us that there are many extraordinary changes and adventures waiting in the wings to be discovered and are freely available. His final paragraph encapsulates it all.
Sally Spencer. Resources For Horses.

You are such a special person.
Sarah Fisher. Head of UK Linda Tellington-Jones TTEAM work.

ISBN 978-0-9560301-1-5


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