Whispering Horse

Communicating with Horses

Body language. The most well known person who uses this method is Monty Roberts. But everyone has the ability. Horses naturally read it extremely well and we can use it back on them. It is not often the key to finding out why there is a behavioural problem.

Telepathy. More often than not, I am able to reach the horse while we are talking on the phone. You have to keep talking to me about your horse, not merely the perceived physical aspects, but anything in general about the horse. This in effect forms a triangular network.

If I am unable to make contact with the horse this way, then, the next method would be for you to send me a small sample of your horse's mane. I then place the sample on a modified Radionics machine (sometimes called "The Box"). This generally allows me to communicate with the animal. But if not successful, the final attempt is when I have to be physically with the horse.

Soul to soul. The nearest way of describing this method of communication is that you are carrying out a system, similar to telepathy, but, instead of transmitting between your respective brains, you are talking to your respective souls. Hence you are searching the animal's past life trauma, to explain the condition in the "here and now".


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